You need or want some time to yourself? You are planning an activity without your little ones or late at night? Babysitters Port Douglas provide reliable, trustworthy and professional service between Cairns and the Daintree. We bring activities, art/crafts and games which engage your kids in play so they have just as much fun as the parents. You can relax and enjoy your event worry-free knowing that your children are safe and in good hands.

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Why hire a babysitter?

  • Babysitting is personal: With a babysitter your child will be one of a small group, and the babysitter can therefore offer plenty of individual attention.Many parents like this family-friendly interaction, and what starts out as a babysitting arrangement sometimes becomes a strong friendship that lasts for years.
  • Babysitting is beneficial to child development: There’s no reason that you need to be the primary focus of your little one’s life 100 percent of the time. A loving sitter can provide a new social outlet for your child, introduce your child to new ideas, games or methods of expression and help her to understand that lots of people care about her. Without a babysitter, your child might experience the same people day in and day out. Babysitting is an easy way of exposing your child to other people and allow their influence while making sure you feel comfortable with them.
  • Babysitting is flexible: Contrary to conventional child care centres, a babysitter can offer flexible hours that include early mornings, late nights, staying over or even weekends.
  • Babysitting keeps your sanity in check: Every parent needs a well-deserved break at some time. Babysitters offer parents the chance to get away and relax. A trusted sitter provides you with the opportunity to go for a jog around the neighbourhood, get some house duties done, work or have an elaborate night out with friends. If you can’t remember the last time you had a grown-up conversation with your partner, hiring a babysitter can provide you with the chance to have some much-needed alone time. When mom and dad’s relationship suffers, the entire family can, too. Avoid staying in mommy mode 24/7, and take the time to hit the town for date night while the babysitter dutifully watches your little one.